Dr. Rajesh Kumar is a reputed Project Leader and Research Scientist (forsker) in the area of Biophysics and Medical Imaging Technology. He leads cross-disciplinary R&D projects (sponsored) that range from healthcare to food-control to cosmetics. His expertise lies in the field of Spectroscopy & Imaging for biomedical, analytical and bio-analytical applications. He currently works in the Biophysics & Medical Technology Section in Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway (NTNU). Earlier, he has also worked in NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory (California, USA), MIT/Cambridge (USA), St. Andrews (UK) and SKKU (South-Korea).


Dr. Kumar visited School of Life Sciences, MAHE, Manipal on 20th August, 2018. He was delighted to see the high-end research going on in various sectors at the institution, especially, the Biophysics department. He was very keen on learning the work regarding Raman Spectroscopy and Fluorescence Imaging and about the OSA student chapter activities based in the college.

At 12 noon, Dr. Rajesh Kumar gave an enlightening talk on the topic “Biophysics of Cartilage, Bone and Extra-Cellular Matrix: Focus on Osteoarthrosis”. A room full of students and scholars were keen on hearing from this NASA scientist. After the talk, a few students from School of Life Sciences, who are a part of the council as well as the OSA chapter, sat for an interview with Dr. Kumar where he discussed about his experience as a scientist and about his work and its prospects for the future. He talked about his desire to play a role to improve Biomedical Instrumentation and Research in India. To the students of Life Sciences, he gave his suggestions saying, “Whatever broad/narrow field of education you pursue, everything has its own unique importance and if you feel passionately about your subject, the global market has a lot of opportunities waiting for you.”


Dr. Rajesh’s visit to Manipal was extremely of benefit to the students of School of Life Sciences aspiring to follow scientific research, especially in the field of Biophysics.