Dr Antigone Marino, a researcher at the Institute of Applied Sciences and Intelligent Systems (ISASI) of the Italian National Research Council working on “Liquid crystals and Laser Light”. Dr. Marino is also an OSA Ambassador. Dr Antigone Marino, accompanied by Michela Picardi (A PhD student at King’s College London) arrived in Manipal on the 29th of August, 2018 with the motive to interact with the Manipal OSA student Chapter. Before arriving in Manipal, Dr. Antigone had been to the Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai OSA student chapters.


To start with, the members of the OSA student chapter had an interactive dinner with Dr. Antigone and Ms. Michela. The chapter members started with an introduction session and the conversation soon accelerated to talking about  activities by the chapter, plans of the members for future, cultural aspects of Manipal, Institutional structure of MAHE, etc.

On the morning of 30th August, Dr Antigone and Ms. Michela visited the various labs of the institute. They were briefed about the kind of research that was being carried out in the various departments of the institute. They were ecstatic about the intensity of the exposure that the students of the institute got. They were especially stunned to learn about the activities that the Manipal OSA Student Chapter does despite having most members from the Undergraduate level.


When the clock struck 12, the faculty and students of the School of life Sciences gathered in the Seminar Room where Dr. Antigone gave an interesting talk on ‘Skill Bill’. During the talk Dr. Marino inculcated some basic tips and tricks regarding research to the research scholars and students present in the halls. To keep the audience engaged, Dr. Antigone used references, anecdotes and humorous quotes. The talk was extremely rewarding and eye-opening to many of us.

On learning that our chapter was to host the IONS 2019 in January, Dr Antigone and Ms. Michela also shared their experience of organizing a number of IONS in Italy and London and their valuable suggestions in order to make ours a success. We shall surely imply their suggestions to our IONS.