“We hate science. It sounds difficult”, they said. And our agenda was to change that ‘hate’ into a ‘like’ at the least.

The school of some 35 students gathered in their auditorium on 28th of September, 2018 and we could see little children arrange chairs on the stage for us. They had assumed it was another of on person behind the podium on a microphone speaking out long lectures that were probably educational but certainly not looked forward to by these kids. They were delighted to see us spread out among them and sit beside them on their small benches. It was going to be a new experience for them.

As we pulled out our little surprises (the lenses, the gratings, polarizers, mirrors and glasses), they were so inquisitive to hear us show them what those magical tools could do. And when we explained the easy science behind the phenomena, we could see the light in their eyes and the satisfaction in their smiles.

Along with experiments for refraction, reflection, magnification, diffraction, polarization, we also used the OSA kits and suitcase items to demonstrate concepts of  density, hologram, periodic table, etc. The hologram, without doubt, stole the show.

We also showed the kids some fascinating science videos in their dialect for their thorough understanding of the concepts.

All in all, the outreach was fruitful to the budding packets of knowledge and a reward to us volunteers as we had successfully changed the cringe about science into a fascination. We concluded giving sweets and a pen to each kid out there. The smiles on their faces were priceless. We look forward to many more such opportunities.