On 28th February, 2019, the School of Life Sciences (MAHE) celebrated National Science Day which marks the discovery of the Raman effect by Sir C.V. Raman back in 1928.

The OSA Manipal student chapter organised an exhibit on this occasion to demonstrate and explain a variety of simple science experiments to school children. Some of the eye-catching experiments included the demonstration of fluorescent bubbles, light painting, working principle of FISH (fluorescence in situ hybridisation), a hologram, diffraction and more.

Each demonstration was followed by a simplified explanation to ensure that the intrigued children had grasped the concepts well. Some of the experimental kits from the ‘Optics Suitcase’ were also distributed to the children.

On the other side, it was a fun and memorable experience for the chapter members and volunteers who helped organise the display and explained the concepts.


-Arbaaz Sait